Forecasting procurement trends 2023

Forecasting procurement trends 2023

In the midst of obstacles, problems, challenges, and changes, 2022 can be called the year of procurement management revitalization. Again, the purchasing department’s role in the situation of product prices is the most important. What do executives and government agencies expect from procurement in 2023. to generate quantifiable business value Ready to build confidence that can aid in the overall cost of the organization. be precise



Based on the Sustainability Policy, Sustainability and Business Operations This, however, is not the only trend in future procurement. However, in the digital age, management for sustainability has become an important part of the business world. This time, the major adjustment in megatrends to enter the new economy is in line with global changes. Both in technology, innovation, green economy, and the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) established by the United Nations. At the same time, consumer needs and behaviors are becoming more diverse than ever before. It is especially important to select service providers who care about society and the environment. and has clearly defined long-term development objectives

This time, the ripple force As a result, the purchasing department is critical. and operational changes, which are quickly followed by increased procurement challenges and demand for new products, services, and innovations Produce massive amounts of data. and has transformed the procurement landscape From the procurement stage to the payment stage, the procurement trend that uses technology and digitalizes operations will not only continue in 2023, but will accelerate. However, perhaps it is time to digitize the entire process.

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Data analysis

The use of data or data will not be limited to marketing. promotion However, because of the rapid changes in the world, it is possible to predict that the use of data will spread to all fields related to business operations. Until humans can record and analyze data. In the same auction. Procurement’s current and future challenges and problems It will no longer be a simple matter of cost. and strategic purchasing will be promoted and incorporated into the parent policy This requires the procurement department to play a larger role in planning in order to manage the organization’s overall costs. and is very important in data analysis Prices, economic conditions, forecasts, and supplier management are all important considerations. cost-cutting risk management All of this may appear to be an impossible task.

However, by 2023, AI (artificial intelligence) will be able to quickly analyze purchasing data in multiple dimensions and will become an important tool for increasing purchasing confidence. with measurable outcomes and no guesswork


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Digital transformation

Transformation to digital In this case, it refers to the use of technology, tools, and electronic platforms to replace human labor and manual process operation in order to reduce time, errors, and the use of human labor. This includes being used in a variety of procedures to improve operational efficiency. Especially in today’s fast-paced business world. The agency’s demand has also increased. When demand rises, finding new vendors becomes more important in the purchasing role. That makes sourcing, recruiting, selecting, and inspecting vendors who have never been suppliers before even more difficult. There are some operations that may take longer than usual, such as gathering information, opening bidding competitions, and managing the supplier base.

As a result, platforms or electronic tools for sourcing, recruiting, or sourcing will become an important aid in supplier management. to respond to needs in a timely manner and to deal with situational risks

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Supplier management and vendor sales performance

Buying in 2023 and beyond may never be the same. because, despite the price information Finding sellers who offer the best prices and are trustworthy will continue to be the primary goal. However, when analyzing detailed information from multiple perspectives, It will be discovered that there are various factors that increase the opportunity to create business value. Including greater cost savings, such as visibility of other buyers’ purchase information. Each seller’s rating is visible. History of sales and service Potential in a variety of fields, including services and transportation. These operations must not be illegal. as a result of the data and forecasts Supplier management will be an important purchasing department policy in the future. This is due to the fact that locating new suppliers may necessitate the use of costly resources. As a result, the analysis and see more detailed seller information It will aid in the planning of effective risk reduction strategies. In the event of the Seller’s delivery or service. as well as risks posed by social, economic, and environmental factors