Electronic Auction System Provider in Thailand

An online auction is a service in which auction users
or participants sell or bid for products or services
via the Internet. Virtual auctions facilitate online activities
between buyers and sellers in different locations
or geographical areas.


With the internet speeding up and expanding the capabilities of auctions, the online auction system is replacing the traditional system all over the world.


The knowledgeable experts and engineers at Pantavanij have created an eAuction platform that helps you compete in the fast-paced bidding environment that the digital world provides. For people and companies that rely on auctions to provide them with necessary products at competitive prices, having an eAuction platform and the consultant services of an expert team, can be crucial to your ability to negotiate successfully and save valuable time in the eAuction process.


Your eAuction savings can be vital to your ability to turn a profit, so any extra features that an online auction system offers may mean the difference between winning and losing in the fast-paced world of e-bidding.

Single Auction

An auction is a business process in which the bidder can bid an unlimited number of times.

They can see the final price of other bidders, but do not know who exactly bid that price.

The “Hammer” sign will be displayed on the bidder’s screen with the lead price only.

The product or service that will perform the auction has the same standard.

The price is per unit or per project.

Complex Auction

A complex auction is one where the bidder is bidding on multiple auctions at the same time. Considering more than one factor,

the Price Per Performance (PPP) principle is applied to the auction that the auction initiator determines.

Mathematical formulas can be applied to the bid and cannot be changed.

PPP is automatically calculated. The result is that the initiator of the auction

will receive a product at a reasonable price.

Certain volatile goods and materials rise and fall in price on the procurement auction market depending on supply and demand as well as outside factors. Our eAuction sourcing feature provides you with alternative methods that may work better for your bidding practices and industry.