eProcurement Solutions from Pantavanij

Simplify your procurement processes with
our user-friendly and complete Source-to-Pay platform.

For CEOs, CFOs and the financial departments of large companies operating a supply chain, keeping up-to-date on the procurement processes within your supply chain is crucial to the smooth operation of your business. eProcurement platform from Pantavanij provides your C-level executives with the ability to easily access every step of your procurement process from their homes or offices 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

By using our eProcurement platform, your procurement department can shorten the cycle time of the procurement process. Procurement is a process of many steps. Automating repetitive tasks and using a data-driven approach is at the heart of our system. By bringing the procurement process into the digital age, our platform allows them to increase the accuracy of their orders and track their orders in real-time.

For the CEO and CFO, the transparency of an eProcurement platform allows them to forecast and plan expenditures throughout the fiscal year with complete accuracy and better overall results.



Have access to qualified suppliers and shorten sourcing time. Your sourcing process is transparent.

With our eProcurement solution, every step of your procurement process becomes streamlined. You’ll have a database of qualified suppliers that provide all your resources and cuts down on time spent searching for suppliers that are qualified to provide for your needs.

With the specifications of the purchasing request and the qualified suppliers being completely transparent, you’ll be quickly able to match requests with suppliers.



Easy-to-use Purchase Request,
automatic Purchase Order creation
and Good Receipt on mobile.

Working from an easily navigated dashboard, your procurement department can quickly access the purchase request from the various departments and create a purchase order for rush orders. Our eProcurement platform can reformat goods receipts for any smartphone, so the purchaser knows when the order has arrived, wherever they are.  



Automate the matching of Purchase Order, goods receipt and invoice. Efficient and time-saving payment.

Automating the matching of purchase orders to the goods receipts of the products received is another step that’s saving you time in the procurement department, as well as in the accounts payable department.

Benefits of our Sourcing Platform


Benefits of our eProcurement


Benefits of our Invoice Management



Benefits of our Spend Analysis


For CEOs and CFOs particularly, eProcurement has the added benefit of providing a transparent and easily accessed wealth of data they can use to create detailed analyses of breakdowns of costs. You’ll enjoy being able to stay on top of your expenses, and this will translate into a healthier bottom line for your company.

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