Cost Management Consulting Services from Pantavanij

For CEOs and CFOs the world over, one of their main priorities is to find the right cost reduction strategy for their company. One that will preserve their ability to compete effectively in their industry while satisfying the demands of their shareholders. The cost reduction consultants behind CORAL provide deliverable processes that will make use of these insights and provide a cohesive cost reduction strategy that meets your company’s goals.

“If you increase your revenue by 1%, this does not mean 1% increase in your profit.

But if you reduce your cost by 1%, it becomes your realized profit correspondingly.”

Pantavanij has created CORAL to address this priority. The acronym CORAL stands for Cost Reduction and Advanced Analytics Team. It’s cost reduction audit services that effectively harness the power of digital analytics to provide cost reduction analysis that makes a difference. CORAL can pinpoint the most logical direction for a company to take in overall cost reduction and provide a roadmap that will lead the way to greater savings while preserving a company’s structure, overall work processes and customer satisfaction.

The objective of this business unit under Pantavanij

is to provide professional consulting services by working with clients to build data-driven revenue growth and sustainable operation performance improvements.


Analyze spending of the company to identify improvement opportunities in procurement processes using recorded data within the Pantavanij procurement system

By introducing data analytics, we add value to the cost reduction services we offer. This data can be used for purposes other than cost reduction. It provides a rare glimpse into the efficiency, health and well-being of your work practices across your procurement process and supply chain.

CORAL team will analyze your spending data to find saving opportunities and improve your efficiency in working processes by 3 major steps


Data Processing

  • Connect with various types of databases and ERP system such as Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase etc.
  • Understand as-is data dictionary and collecting data for transforming and reformatting
  • Determine inaccurate, incomplete, or unreasonable data by Improving the quality through correcting and detecting errors and omissions
  • Change the data between the source and the final data by using RPA tools


  • X-Ray current procurement operations in different angles
    to make impactful decisions
  • Evaluate current supplier portfolio and manage suppliers according to relationships and risks
  • Automatically recommend levers deep-dive into commodity and supplier perspectives.
  • Integrate AI model into Procurement Operation to enhance visibility and cost saving performance.

Lever Identification & Sustainabillity

  • Giving professional consultancy service by experts specialized in many industries including best-practice procurement organization structure and operations
  • Applying all strategic levers into the current operations to generate potential cost savings and improve efficiency in working processes
  • Transferring know-how and creating sustainability for cost saving and process improvement.

CORAL utilizes the benefits of digital analytics and human expertise and experience to create processes that are workable within your company.

We work together with your C-level management team to put together deliverables that are attainable and serve the needs of your company while satisfying the demands of your shareholders.

We provide both short-term remedies and long-term, permanent solutions.

Every solution we suggest will be backed up by solid, qualifiable data. This data can be used by your company’s management to engineer further structural changes to work processes, marketing practices and employee relations. The data CORAL offers are meant to provide your management team with an overview of how cost reduction can be implemented across all areas and departments of a company to improve overall production and work experience.



Our Customers


Industry: Telecommunication

The telecommunication company, which provides many types of telecom and technological products to customers

Identify, analyze and quantify cost savings on CAPEX, Inventory and OPEX basis, we have to identify savings with experienced procurement team on specialized categories such as Core network, Broadband, and apply cost saving levers to generate cost savings

The team had developed Spend Cube Analysis by analyzing data from BOQs and Price Book to create Spend Cube to see whole data from many angles. Analyzed and improved those uncommon costs gap by using contract revision and benchmarking price from industry expertise to generate efficient cost savings to these main categories. Saving have been achieved more than 500 million THB.

Industry: Agro-Industry and Food Business

One of the leaders in Agro-Industry and food business with various products and raw materials and total spending each year is more than 35,000 million THB.

There are more than 100,000 types of sourcing goods in a variety of categories. Company’s culture is solid and well, with most employees are experienced in commodities index and sourcing processes

CORAL team have deep-dived into cost structures of each sourcing goods to understand the value chain, utilized our eProcurement tools to source new supplier for creating competition between suppliers, and used our experience in leveraging techniques to maximize cost savings for client which we can generate saving more 400 million THB, with additional benefits on reducing working processes and time by Pantavanij’s eProcurement tools.