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eProcurement Software Guarantees a Transparent Process


eProcurement Software Makes Procurement a Transparent Process Working in an online environment has transformed the manual process of procurement from one of hard-copy invoices and inefficient invoice-matching to an online eProcurement platform that is seamless and completely transparent. eProcurement allows buyers to shorten the cycle of the procurement process, and for CEOs and CFOs to

The 4 pillars of procurement for small businesses

4 pillar eprocurement

The job posting landed in my inbox as a result of an imperfect algorithm. A manufacturing company that had received its first round of funding was seeking an administrative assistant. The role would support the executive team and manage human resources, coordinate facility maintenance and handle procurement and contract negotiations.

Pantavanij wins “Asian Business Case Studies Awards 2020” from Singapore Business Review Magazine (SBR)

“Pantavanij”, the leading eProcurement platform provider in Asia Pacific, proudly steps forward to meet the Asian standard again by winning the “ eProcurement Case Studies of The Year by Asian Business Case Studies Awards 2020 ” from Singapore Business Review Magazine (SBR), one of the leading business magazines in the Asian region. Collecting massive case