What exactly is an online auction?

System of Online Auctions Pantavanij‘s Online Auction is a platform-based online auction management service. And there are experts in bidding to provide advice. primarily for the purpose of organizing buyer auctions However, it can be auctioned for the seller with two or more participants offering, buying/selling, and both products/services.

Comparison traditional auctions

Cost-cutting measures

Reduce traditional auction costs by 15-30% on average due to the cost of premises, equipment, operations, and personnel wages. Reducing the cost of processing time and expenses on various documents is one example.

ประมูลออนไลน์ Online Auction


Pantavanij’s Online Auction Platform allows you to conduct an online auction. Auctions can take place at any time. where both buyers and sellers are not required to be present at the same time Auctions are open to buyers and sellers from all over the world. only have internet In contrast to traditional auctions, where buyers and sellers must travel to meet,

ประมูลออนไลน์ Online Auction

Higher competition

Bidding online with Pantavanij’s Online Auction platform incentivizes bidders to bid/sell more because they can bid/sell more. Unlike traditional auctions, which require participants to contact and invite them to submit new envelopes, this auction can be repeated an unlimited number of times (univariable auction only) and has a large number of participants.

ประมูลออนไลน์ Online Auction

There is a staff to look after you and advise you.

Online bidding with Pantavanij’s Online Auction platform includes procurement experts to advise on strategy and recommend types of auctions that are appropriate for your business. for effective bidding and meeting the highest operational requirements There is also a team of computer engineers who are constantly working to improve the platform’s usability. including advice on how to use it Effective online auction platform

ประมูลออนไลน์ Online Auction

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